Thursday, 16 March 2017


Update / Today's Thursday 16th March
Extret de la gravació de vídeo // Fotograma
It takes the best broken sunflower to play this view the way it was supposed to be pointed and evoke  the emotion while lighting it. Thanks for lighting it (the lamp)!
Gira-sol a la nit enmig de la fosca, una NIT d'hivern al pati de la xemeneia

Brownie effect, from my sister

un pal de fregar amb un altre pal també capgirat / upsidedown / This is Not punk (mmm)
It can be played on a different lamp
In the dark... ground lighting

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Update Sunday 23rd April 2017

Where have all the standing sunflowers dry? (gone)


Track the light

Douglas Ferguson Soundscape !! "Untitled"

Douglas Ferguson played in the LEM Festival, in Barcelona's Zoo.

Oooh! el vam escoltar dins el Festival LEM tocant al Zoo de Barcelona. Link
(05 de novembre del 2005)


Video 10 step sequencer

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Update 25th twenty-fifth of April 2017

Upside Down Sunflower
(Ceiling) Hanging Upside Down Sunflower in the studio

We Finally Know How Sunflowers Track the Sun Across the Sky
(...) First they staked the plants so they couldn't move, or faced their pots west at the start of the day to interfere with the signals they would usually receive from the Sun, and showed they were able to disrupt their movement. (...)

(...) Scientists have known for centuries that sunflowers track the Sun across the sky, turning their flowers from east to west as the day progresses. But a team of scientists has finally been able to figure out exactly how this happens. (...)

Musicians, artists, at the main door // on 23rd of April

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Update 10th May 2017

A new view on the picture of the group at the door...

finally been able to figure out exactly how this happens

At the main door // an error on the computer

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Update Monday 15th May 2017
Ultra-powerful SunFlower Pensive at night

having great power

having a strong effect on your green mind or flower body
Not dark enough

Gira-sol = sunflower
Quatre = four
de nit = at night

A composite video-track: made of different parts or materials
Pedals, electric piano like an electric organ, lighting, sunflowers, sound recordings, soundscape, layers

Wagner's "O du mein holder Abendstern" (Song to the Evening Star) from Tannhäuser

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Update Wednesday 17th May 2017

Painting at La Planassa Park Installation/ Viladecavalls
Landscape for a soundscape on Wagner's piece // Oh lightning! Sunset 8'30PM

Piano, electric organ + pedals/ Bagner/Worn
Drone Machine

(Constructive Neutrons) Long Live! Link to Blog Unreleased Track

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Update 13th September 2017

Light and Dried Sunflowers at the museum during the Live action
Author: Jordi Casañas, photographer.

Dried Sunflowers in a plastic bag

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