Monday, 10 April 2017

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Eridxcc Safggttie VexXXLati_ons plus WaltejhR DickeKlnRson PLUvSgf Suhgn RaeaAA meetxzz PrugfDDencvjgCiuK's in thDa HousZZe
Eridxcc Safggttie VexXXLati_ons plus WaltejhR DickeKlnRson PLUvSgf & Suhgn RaeaAA VViddfgSionjhgcXXs meetxzz PrugfDDencvjgCiuK's in thDa HousZZe
Aquí barrejades hi ha les pistes de so de diferents gravacions que funcionen com una unlimited unreleased però ben buscada barreja d'elements que es complementen, vinil, cd i so directe amb objectes diversos. Els autors es poden trobar barrejats entre les lletres del text inicial, poden ser identificats si es desbrossa tal com podria arribar a ser un espai sonor on per aquesta vegada no hi ha pedal de distorsió, coma.

Lyrics (fake)
Email me th plans for the evening, like how many sets you are doing with who etc and I'll speak to th other guys about making something happen! Enjoy the film //

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Here's when you should play your biggest noise if you're trying to lose your head (launch the song The Banana Question/Royal Trux(This has nothing to do with the recording)

Eric Satie Vexations / Walt Dickerson & Sun Ra Visions / plus extra soundscape at home (chair, kitchen, )

"Music ground Noise Player was not impressed with Distortion Pedal Metal Awareness' decision to send off Noise Structure in Tuesday's Go-Track Sound-Shopping-Trolley defeat at the hands of Maracas Fast Player."(Constructive Neutrons)

Visions​+​Vexations​+​prdnc (draft)

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Update 19th April 2017

Bandcamp Versus Myspace...
myspace ... l'enllazz

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Update The Second, 19th April 2017

Link to birds guitar player (Des oiseaux qui jouent de la guitarre)

Thursday, 6 April 2017

I have been busy ... 2017

((((((Bona tornaaaaada))))

I have been busy moving some kind of brain head blocks from one side to the other side into my cerebral dark brain as an object that improves moving things into in order to expand them to the outside space from the brain // movent d'un costat a l'altre del cervell algunes de les idees que serien necessàries // block head brain (this part needs to be revised/improved // I'm so lazy/sorry)

expanded meaning: brain leg blocks: a feature that makes a place pleasant, comfortable or easy to live in ( amenity noun// "Many of my brain parts lacked even basic amenities"

(+) welter:
[singular] welter of something (formal) a large and confusing amount of something
a welter of information- - -

about label: I hated the label ‘housewife’.

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lift your skinny fists like antennas to heaven
oh yeah! huh? Hum! huh? huh? HUh? huh?
I have been busy moving some kind of brain head blocks from one side to the other side into my cerebral dark brain as an object that improves moving things into in order to expand them to outside space from the brain. The outside space. Banana question. Fell like an apple tree from the ground floor to the falls of a microwave grounding greenery and full of pears of wide broad garden graveyard of cemetery ashes into the yogurt pot before sip the lid oooo huh? hum! oh yeah!
expanded meaning: brain leg blocks (this part needs to be revised/improved // I'm Sorry!) Help!

Fet amb el traductor automàtic del text anterior: (From English to Catalan)
aixecar els seus punys flacs com antenes al cel
oh sí! eh? Brunzit! eh? eh? Eh? eh?
He estat ocupat en moviment algun tipus de blocs del cap del cervell d'una banda a l'altra banda en el meu cerebral cervell fosc com un objecte en moviment que millora les coses en el cap de ampliar-los a l'espai exterior des del cervell. L'espai exterior. pregunta plàtan. Va caure com un arbre de pomes des de la planta baixa a les cataractes d'una vegetació de terra microones i plena de peres de tot l'ampli jardí cementiri de cendres del cementiri en el pot de iogurt abans de prendre la tapa oooo eh? brunzit! oh sí!
significat ampliat: Blocs de la cama del cervell

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"The Banana Question" (A Royal Trux song from Accelerator album)
Extra: Do you have any feedback on the brain head blocks message you saw in the beginning/above today?

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// Let's start again from the beginning

Thursday, 16 March 2017


Update / Today's Thursday 16th March
Extret de la gravació de vídeo // Fotograma
It takes the best broken sunflower to play this view the way it was supposed to be pointed and evoke  the emotion while lighting it. Thanks for lighting it (the lamp)!
Gira-sol a la nit enmig de la fosca, una NIT d'hivern al pati de la xemeneia

Brownie effect, from my sister

un pal de fregar amb un altre pal també capgirat / upsidedown / This is Not punk (mmm)
It can be played on a different lamp
In the dark... ground lighting

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Update Sunday 23rd April 2017

Where have all the standing sunflowers dry? (gone)


Track the light

Douglas Ferguson Soundscape !! "Untitled"

Douglas Ferguson played in the LEM Festival, in Barcelona's Zoo.

Oooh! el vam escoltar dins el Festival LEM tocant al Zoo de Barcelona.


Video 10 step sequencer

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Update 25th twenty-fifth of April 2017

Upside Down Sunflower
(Ceiling) Hanging Upside Down Sunflower in the studio

We Finally Know How Sunflowers Track the Sun Across the Sky
(...) First they staked the plants so they couldn't move, or faced their pots west at the start of the day to interfere with the signals they would usually receive from the Sun, and showed they were able to disrupt their movement. (...)

(...) Scientists have known for centuries that sunflowers track the Sun across the sky, turning their flowers from east to west as the day progresses. But a team of scientists has finally been able to figure out exactly how this happens. (...)

Musicians, artists, at the main door // on 23rd of April

Saturday, 4 March 2017

Giuliano Gius + David Franklin + Llapispanc 2016 Live action
Link (Video)
you have Two minutes to leave!
Live action in The Exploding Plastic Fest

Drums, guitar, voice, plastic, masking tape, bandage and noise distortion pedalszz
Saturday 12th November

(a strip of cloth used for tying around a part of the body that has been hurt in order to protect or support it)
2016, Live musical action by Giuliano Gius, David Franklin and Llapispanc.

"Noisy and Visual plastic art Violence // el sorollisme i la violència plàstica"

(((((((( Unlisted//Ocult )))))))
(UNlisted Videos/Available only here)

nom vídeo 1
VID 20161114 WA0000 at ExpldngPlstc // at ExpldngPlstc

nom vídeo 2

VID 20161114 WA0001 at ExpldngPlstc

nom vídeo 3
IMG 4086 at XpldngPlstc
Your video will be live at:

nom vídeo 4
IMG 4087 at XpldngPlstc
El teu vídeo es publicarà a la pàgina següent:
nom vídeo 5
IMG 4083 Xpldng Plstc crash of cymbals
the sound of cymbals crashing

nom vídeo 6
performance  Hangar nov16 at Xpldng Plstc Fst
Estat de la càrrega: S'ha completat la càrrega

Hem detectat que la imatge del teu vídeo tremola. Vols que l'estabilitzem?

Drums, guitar, voice, plastic, masking tape, gauze bandage and noise distortion pedalszz

- - - - - -  - -- -- - --- - - --   -- - - -- - - ---- -- -- -   -- ---  - --
//bena: F FARM Tira de teixit d'amplada variable emprada per a subjectar els apòsits en una nafra o per a lligar o embolicar un membre. Benes de gasa. Benes elàstiques. Bena de guix.
Anglès: bandage
Francès: bande; (davant els ulls) bandeau M
Alemany: Binde

- - -
//gasa: F Tela molt clara i subtil.
Anglès: gauze

- - -- -- --- -  -   - - --- -- ---   - --- - - -  -- -- --  --   --- - -- -- -
The Exploding Plastic Fest 2016
/ Further information

Poster / Artists

Evaluation-Estimation staff / Valoració del Festival
"(...) el sorollisme i la violència plàstica de Llapispanc; o el muntatge a contrarellotge d’un set de guitarra enmig d’una performance davant del públic, ens criden l’atenció (...)"
Photo Carousel

The Exploding Plastic Fest - an improvisation party of music and movement art with musicians and contemporary dancers, a tribute to Warhol an Velvet Parties.

Thursday, 23 February 2017

desembre del 2016 Acció a L'Escocesa

Here's the link: This is a Tesla Tapes New release!
Dwellings & Proximity Sensor
Dwellings & Proximity Sensor - ESC_BCN, by Tesla Tapes

Action in collaboration with Chris Haslam and Guillermo Carrión, at L'Escocesa. Annual group exhibition. December 2016.

NúWols, pols metàl·lica per a recobrir els núWols rosa, corbates, tela blanca, cinta de pintor, i funda per a aparell de laboratori.

Live at LEscocesa! Unes imatges de l'acció musical! (pictures from the video photo camera)

A picture of the three members group
Dark Sound Light / White Light Still
DarkXX Sound Lite / LivingRoom Light Still

- - -
Me and the Marshmallows ... glossy sticky in glitter (lick them with your tongue) saliva (the liquid that is produced in your mouth that helps you to swallow food)
Estirat a terra, arrossegant-me pel terra, amb el micròfon i tot l'acompanyament sonor possible i fantàstic de Dwellings and Proximity Sensor.

Another point of view/It's me again Lying down on the ground. The head is in the bag.

Dirty Marshmallows in white stepped display. Did you step on my white?

- - -
Further reading:

Tape release:
Dwellings & Proximity Sensor - ESC_BCN

Dwellings - Chris Haslam
Proximity Sensor - Llapispanc & Guillermo Carrión

All music recorded between 3rd & 16th December 2016 at La Escocesa, Barcelona. 

Edited & mixed by Chris Haslam

Thanks to all of the artists, doers & thinkers at La Escocesa, Barcelona

Imatge del casset/Art cover tape

- - -

Els núWols, un cop insalivats, es tornen enganxifosos, i la pols metàl·lica s'hi enganxa fàcilment, sense permís ni opcions de resistir-s'hi mitjançant mètodes agrícoles de dirigir l'aigua cap als bons canals de retransmissió ni especialment prudent ni prudencialment especial com un gra de fonoll que es reparteixi en els llocs més nostrats ni a les sortides de metro.
- - -
psicodèlic -a (Institut d'Estudis Catalans, Diec2)
1 adj. [MD] Que provoca un estat de particular exaltació de la consciència. La LSD és una droga psicodèlica.
2 adj. [MD] Provocat per l’absorció de drogues psicodèliques. Estat psicodèlic.

psychedelic (adjective) Link
1 (of drugs) causing the user to see and hear things that are not there or that do not exist (= to hallucinate )
2 (of art, music, clothes, etc.) having bright colors, strange sounds, etc. like those that are experienced when taking psychedelic drugs
Psychedelic art is any art or visual displays inspired by psychedelic experiences and hallucinations known to follow the ingestion of psychoactive drugs such as LSD and psilocybin. The word "psychedelic" (coined by British psychologist Humphry Osmond) means "mind manifesting". By that definition, all artistic efforts to depict the inner world of the psyche may be considered "psychedelic". In common parlance "psychedelic art" refers above all to the art movement of the late 1960s counterculture.
(Features: Bright and/or highly contrasting colors /Extreme depth of detail or stylization of detail. Also so called Horror vacui style / etc.)

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Wednesday, 22 February 2017

Iogurt / Yogurt Art Composition # 22nd Fbr

Composició 2017 d'art-iogurt // Yogurt Art Composition

This is 2017 Fucking Yogurt Art Composition!

22 de febrer del 2017

Avui m'he menjat un iogurt // He perdut el costum de menjar un iogurt cada dia, ja no en menjo gairebé mai, i si en menjo, que siguin de caaaabra!! (Però aquest és grec, i no de cabra).

I have eaten a yogurt Today, Wednesday 22nd February of the current year in the atmosphere of my neighbourhood, near the sea. El Poblenou/ Poble New/ New Town. Superblocks (nine squares) is in El Poblenou. Link

Procés de tres passos per arribar a llepar la tapa de iogurt...
Three steps to lick the yogurt lid ...

""··"%$·%$·_____---+++`+// This is not a product sell-by date

mmmm He  llepat els encontorns de la cosa i me n'he sortit !!!

I have licked the sorroundings of the "thing" And I'm still here ! // Uaaaa !

"Transmetropolitan" (The Pogues) Yip-ay-aye !!!

- - -

Extra further art work in white yogurt nipple ... (greek yogurt)

A white spot on the yogurt lid

- - -
Further reading:

(Work in progress) (Sorry for the mistakes!) I have been busy moving some kind of brain head blocks from one side to the other side into my cerebral dark brain as an object that improves moving things into in order to expand them to the outside espace from the brain // movent d'un costat a l'altre del cervell algunes de les idees que serien necessàries // block head brain

Tuesday, 14 February 2017

A long distance

A long distance text
This is a very long picture... but incomplete, not completed yet. This is an under contruction work in progress

Lift Your Skinny Fists Like Antennas to Heaven

From: / De l'altra: "una distància molt llarga de mida entre..."
aaaaaHHH !
From A to L:
This is not a Link

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Text from the previous entry "una distància molt llarga" Link
A long distance between the start and the end
There is a long distance and it keeps you high, in that kind of trouble...

Here's an example of a picture of words in a long distance from the first letter at the very beginning and the last letter at the end. A long distance.

This is a (long display of words) image

"una imatge molt llarga"
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Monday 13th February 2017
"Several of the writers, however, (...) would probably prefer the statement by Tchekov, that a story should have neither a beginning nor an end. (...)"

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Tuesday 14th February 2017
"(...) It can present merely a study in character, or a mood, or the complexities of a situation to wich there appears to be no solution."
(John Hadfield, 1984, Introduction, Modern Short Stories to 1940, Everyman's Library)

Indoor Undefined Repeated Studio Action